Sleeping in a bed is where we rest, rejuvenate and get ready to start the next day. It is also a place where you spend on average 8 hours a day, every day. Cleaning your mattress is so important, but not something we always think about.

Besides the usual cleanliness that one should upkeep in our daily lives, cleaning your mattress is certainly not top of the agenda…but it should be.


Keeping your mattress sanitary and clean is of the uppermost importance. Dead skin cells, tea spills, food…just good old mess, in general, can often be found on just about any mattress. Even though you wash your sheets and bedding, what goes on under the sheets is what needs attending to.

Bed Bugs

Every night you jump into your warm, cosy bed and turn off the lights, drift off into dreamland to get a good nights rest. While you are sound asleep in your bed, there are lots of little critters still wide awake.

Bed bugs make everyone feel a bit ‘grossed out’ thinking about what these little guys get up to while we sleep. They are nocturnal, which means they enjoy being awake while we sleep. Looking for a host (you and me) to have a little feed on while we are sound asleep. These tiny little bugs are not easily seen as they live in your mattress. They just love living in your bed and can make themselves quite at home. Only if there is an incredibly large infestation can they be usually seen.

Deep Clean Your Mattress

Ideally, you should be giving your mattress a thorough deep clean every 6 months. This will not only keep your mattress clean but bug-free too. The air quality around you will also be improved.

Get rid of those nasty little critters, and have a good night sleep again. Book a deep mattress clean with Pristine Clean today. Servicing the majority of Cape Town, we look forward to helping you sleep on a sanitised and shiny mattress again.