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Sanitising Services in Cape Town

30 Day peace of mind sanitizing services in Cape Town. A ULV Fogging machine and the most effective virus disinfectant(Virol-Oxy) are combined and operated by a trained technician to sanitize/disinfect the entire premises. Unlike most products on the market that just kill on contact, our product remains active for 30 days in the fight against Covid-19. Thus giving your family, friends, employees, and/or loved ones the protection they deserve. Safe, quick, and cost-effective with almost no downtime and certification provided.

Why Virol-Oxy®?

Virol-Oxy® is an advanced and rapid acting, multi-purpose disinfectant and sanitiser for use on hands, surfaces and equipment. It is highly effective against viruses (including the Coronavirus strain responsible for COVID-19), bacteria, spores and fungi. The solution is alcohol free and chlorine free.

German manufactured, Virol-Oxy® is independently expert tested by HYGCEN Germany virucidal activity against Coronaviruses plus a host of other bactericidal activities. Virol-Oxy carries EU certification EN 14476 & EN 13727.

Virol-Oxy® is used commercially throughout Europe and Asia during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Other Professional Services

We offer a wide range of customized cleaning services to suit our varied clients' needs. Please contact us today to see how we can assist you with our cleaning services in Cape Town!

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