Most of us enjoy the serenity and feeling of calm that you get from a house that is clean and smells fresh. Scientists concur that a neat environment promotes good mental health. Start your summer in a clean and healthier environment with a professional deep clean service throughout your home or office.

Authoritative studies found a connection between clutter and stress and how a messy environment impacts wellbeing.  Cleaning out the dirt, gunk and cobwebs may be a good first step to take back control if things are a bit overwhelming for you right now 

A study conducted at the University of California found that couples who reported that their homes are untidy and chaotic had increased levels of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress and anxiety. On the other hand, neat and tidy home environments led to a decreased levels of cortisol. Another study at Princeton University discovered that objects in your field of view that is not associated with the task at hand make it harder to stay focused and complete work. 

If you feel bogged down by incomplete projects and a chaotic environment, help is at hand.  A professional deep clean by Pristine is like pressing a reset button. We are there to revive the colour from dirt-encrusted surfaces and materials, get rid of excess clutter and make your house smell amazing. Give us a call to get off on a fresh start.