Many people are worried that cleaning their carpets too often can damage them. On the contrary, years of experience taught us that grime and dirt are the major culprits in carpet and upholstery damage. Not cleaning carpets regularly can even void your warranty. There is a huge list of benefits as to how professional carpet cleaning can benefit you.

Dirt and grime settle in your carpet every day as you go about your business. Carpet fibres caked in dirt becomes brittle and breaks. In time, traffic lanes start appearing and your carpets will start to lose their colour. 

Dirty carpets can also affect your health. The fibres absorb substances in the environment and also release them when we walk over them. This includes germs and chemicals such as pest control agents. Dust, microorganisms such as dust mites, pollen and even mould spores are just some of the things that can trigger allergies, make chronic conditions and contribute to bad odours in the house. 

It’s still important to use the correct cleaning method to ensure that all the grime is removed without discolouration or other damage. Pristine Cleans carpet cleaners will check your carpet pile type and determine whether it’s better to shampoo or steam clean it. 

If you need a thorough professional carpet cleaning without worrying about damage to your beautiful carpets, give us a call.