During the past year and a half, deep cleaning has become more than something we do at the start of spring. The sobering reality is that our lives literally depend on giving our homes and offices an intense washing, dusting, and disinfecting.

The coronavirus spreads mostly through droplets in the air, but many other disease-causing pathogens are also transmitted through frequently touched surfaces such as handles, light switches,  remote controls,  and doorknobs. The responsible thing to do is to take extra precautions to eradicate pathogens carrying particulates, dust, and dirt from often being touched and used as well as forgotten surfaces,  nooks and crannies.

Over the years we refined our deep cleaning process to methodologically and tactically seek out and destroy organisms and particles that make people’s lives unpleasant. Our end goal is always to bring back colour, happiness, and life into the spaces we serviced.

A deep clean is not something that everybody can do on their own. Wherever your situation,  running your own business, recovering from an illness, taking care of family members or raising a house full of kids, we are there to support you. All you need to do to regain control and mastery of your living environment is to pick up your phone and call Pristine Clean, and we will work on a solution to get your home or workplace deep clean and organized in no time,