Want to know something really shocking about mattresses? The average bed contains around 10 million dust mites in the average bed. They are mostly harmless, but an unabated buildup of their droppings and body fragments can cause respiratory disease, trigger allergies and make conditions like asthma worse. A bed is also a collector of sweat and dead skin. That is why it’s important that your mattress is cleaned regularly. 

Here is what you can do to keep your mattress sanitary. 

  1. Change your bedsheets at least every two weeks. When you do, leave it off for a couple of hours so that the mattress can breathe. Bonus points if you can let the sunshine on it to naturally purge it of many germs and bacteria.
  2. Rotate your mattress once a month to even out wear and flip every quarter. 
  3. Maintain a total liquid ban around the mattress
  4. Keep your room airy
  5. Once a quarter book a professional mattress clean with Pristine Clean

Here is what we do during a professional clean

Over the years, Pristine Clean  has developed an efficient  process for cleaning mattresses that yields the best results without using excessive chemicals 

  1. High-power vacuuming-  to remove loose dirt, dust or dead skin, animal dander and hair
  2. Remove stains with industry approved formulas 
  3. Steam Clean with hot water extraction to kill all bugs and extract ingrained dirt and bacteria.
  4. Final vacuum to remove any dust that might have settled while cleaning and to re-fluff the surface fibres
  5. Air dry completely while making sure there is plenty of air in circulation

If your mattress is overdue for a professional clean or you never had one, give Pristine Clean a call to keep your mattress sanitary. You deserve a good night’s rest on a fresh mattress after all.