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Leather Care services in Cape Town

If you wish to, not only, retain the aesthetic luxurious luster of your genuine leather couch but keep it supple, elastic, and feeling great too. Then our leather care services available in Cape Town are the best choice and we recommend having it cleaned and conditioned every 6-12 months. Thus retaining the natural patina and maximizing the lifespan of your prize possession. Masterguard contains protein to renew and enrich the fibers as well as a sunscreen to slow the effects of ultraviolet light on leather. Thus preventing drying, cracking, peeling, and premature fading.

*Please note this product can only be used on genuine leather products and not on suede, nu buck, and grain leather

Other Professional Services

We offer a wide range of customized cleaning services to suit our varied clients' needs. Please contact us today to see how we can assist you with our cleaning services in Cape Town!

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