Astro-turf cleaning & sanitising

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Astro-turf cleaning & sanitising services in Cape Town

We start by pressure washing the astro turf, we then use a combination of steam and dry cleaning equipment before we use a fogging machine to sanitize the surface. Astro-turf cleaning and sanitizing is an ideal solution for home owners with pets or for those who are looking to bring their turf back to life.

Astro-turf Cleaning Process

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1. Pre-Inspection

Our technicians arrive and inspect the astro-turf to identify problem areas.

2. Furniture Moving

Obtrusive objects are removed for access and to avoid breakages.

3. Odour Removal

An odour digestor is mixed and applied to the turf and scrubbed to agitate.

4. Pressure Washing

Our industrial Kärcher pressure washer is connected to the garden tap.

5. Problem Areas

The technician slowly and methodically pressure washes the entire turf

6. Problem Areas

All belongings are then put back in place prior to the team exiting.

*Please note

The turf may still have a faint odour for a day or two

If this doesn’t correct the issue…its time to replace the astro!

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