Most of us have curtains in our homes. They are some of the most versatile pieces of fabric around. It blocks out everything from prying eyes, humidity, and excess light and keeps in heat. It also makes our houses look more beautiful by adding patterns or splashes of color. However, just like other fabrics, it soaks up dust, grime, and microorganisms and can become a health concern if not cleaned regularly. Some of the health concerns associated with dirty fabrics around the house include runny noses, itchiness, red eyes, sneezing, and coughing. If you suspect that your upholstery and fabrics are harbouring disease-causing pathogens, curtain cleaning should be one of your priorities.

You can easily hand wash light curtains in the washing machine to get rid of dirt and grime quickly. If you have curtains that are difficult to get off the rail or are made from heavy material that will take forever to dry, Pristine Clean will come to your rescue. We steam clean curtains right on the rail or remove curtains for off-site dry cleaning.

Our experienced staff are experts in spotting stains that can leave permanent decolored spots on curtains. Eradicating those tough stains is part of our curtain cleaning service.

If you need curtain cleaning services  in Cape Town at an affordable price, call Pristine Clean today.