We are almost one year into the COVID-19 19 pandemic, and the public in South Africa are now well versed in the general safety rules. We distance socially, wear mask and wash our hands. However, while the virus is raging in a second flare-up, we still don’t know enough about the transmission, rendering many safety measures ineffective. The main area of contention in the scientific community was whether the virus spread through droplets, surfaces, or airborne. 

Initial findings suggested that the coronavirus survives on surfaces for up to nine days. New scientific evidence is emerging in stark contrast that minimal amounts of the virus remain left on surfaces, which could disperse in as little as two hours. According to the John Hopkins Public Health on Call podcast, “There’s little evidence, though, that surfaces are making us sick.”

Does this mean that deep cleaning and sanitising services have become obsolete in the fight against the coronavirus? 

At Pristine Clean, we believe that sanitising workplaces is as vital as ever. Now that it’s clear that the best way to prevent the spread of Covid-19 is not to inhale each other’s air, companies that are making a show of sanitising can create a false sense of security that is harmful. Instead, when workplace and office sanitising are part of sustainable and holistic cleaning and disease prevention strategy, businesses will reap all the benefits of maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. 

Workplace and office sanitising and deep cleaning are not the only part of infection control, but they are essential. After all, the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. While the virus can survive longer in grime, a scheduled sanitising schedule should complement a regular good cleaning. 

Pristine Clean supports a simple protocol supported by over 20 years of research into the subject of contamination – deep clean to remove grime and dirt, then sanitise. If you are interested in evidence-based and sustainable based cleaning strategies for your offices or workplace, give us a call.