When you maintain your upholstery, your lounge and patio remain comfortable and beautiful places to relax in. Upholstery in our homes provides more than just comfort and support; they also complement our personal aesthetic preferences – our furniture and fabrics that truly make our homes our own

However, upholstery can be difficult to look after. The fabric material and padding underneath are ready to soak up any liquid you might spill. It takes more than a quick wipe to clean up after an accident. Spills are often embedded below the surface and may reappear as furniture are being used.

The good news is that you don’t have to wrap your couches in plastic covers like museum artefacts to keep it in a pristine condition. We provide clients with a Masterguard fabric stain protection solution so that they can enjoy their house with a little less anxiety. Clients who choose this service can rest assured that their upholstery fabrics are protected against both oil and water-based stains that make it a breeze to clean.

Don’t be fazed by the possibility of an accidental stain on your beautiful upholstery fabric. Call Pristine Clean for a fabric stain protection solution that will give you peace of mind.