Let me guess what your most favourite furniture is. It’s those plush couches, right? Yes, it’s the place where you plop down after a hard day’s work, enjoy your Netflix and chill moments, and where guests secretly wipe their greasy hands. For your own health and wellbeing, it’s important to keep your sofas and couches clean. Over time, dust, spills, and debris wear the fabric down. Settled dust affects the air quality and when worst comes to worst, it can become quite smelly. 

Keeping your upholstery clean will extend the lifespan of your furniture and protect your investment. You also keep unwanted germs and toxins at bay. 

You can do what you get to keep your sofas and couches clean, while we take care of the following for you:

  1. Give it a thorough vacuum to remove loose dirt, hair, and fibres
  2. Apply a special stain-removal solution to stains and heavily soiled areas
  3. Steam cleaned with a professional emulsion cleaner
  4. Plump it up with the vacuum before letting it air dry

With Pristine Clean we also dry clean or wash your loose covers, before fitting them. Additionally, we can apply a Masterguard fabric protector. It’s a spray application that dries quickly and leaves behind no residue. The formula leaves a shield over fabric and fibres that keep spills from absorbing into the material.