Few people realise the necessity of regularly cleaning their mattresses. If you are one of the many people who never thought about periodically having their mattresses cleaned, you may have to give it a serious thought.

On average, a grownup sweats about a 100 litres per year in bed. Additionally, we shed about 30 grams of dead skin a day, much of which will end up in bed. Combine this moisture with your body heat, and your bed becomes a comfy nest that will keep fungi, bacteria, dust mites and all sorts of nasties well-fed and thriving.

According to a recent study, bacteria that found in mattresses can cause pneumonia and food poisoning. Repeated exposure to dust mites built up in beds can also significantly affect people’s health with asthma and allergies.

Pristine clean offers a mattress cleaning service that will leave your mattress clean, crisp and comfortable. During a mattress deep clean, we:

  • take care of stains caused by sweat, urine, body oils and unnoticed spills,
  • disinfect your mattress to remove disease-causing pathogens,
  • deodorise the bed to remove foul odours,
  • remove ingrained bacteria, dust mites, skin cells and other residues by steam cleaning and vacuuming the mattress,
  • re-fluff your mattress with a professional-grade vacuum cleaner.

We recommend a professional mattress deep clean at least twice a year. You are only one call away from the hygienically maintained bed that will make your nights softer and your mornings brighter.