Landlords and tenants both have obligations in terms of the Rental Tribunal Act in terms of how a property should be maintained and handed over when the rental agreement or lease comes to an end and now you need an end of tenancy deep cleaning service. How clean to leave the property is one of the most common sticky points between renters and landlords


If you do not leave your rental property spotless after moving out, you run off a reduced return on your security deposit or you may lose it completely. If you end your tenancy well, you can also benefit by using your landlord as a reference in future rental applications. 


Giving a rental property that becomes vacant a good deep clean is a simple way to give it a makeover and emphasise its positives. Prospective tenants will fall in love much easier with a space that looks fresh and clean. Stains and bad smells not only paint you in a bad light as a landlord but can also complicate the relationship with tenants after they move in. 

It is reasonable for landlords to charge tenants when the following cleaning is needed:

  • Sticky interiors,  cabinets and decal removal
  • Excessive mould and mildew in bathroom and shower
  • Excessively filthy shower, sink, bathtub, mirrors or toilet
  • Animal stains in the carpet caused by leaking fish tanks or domestic animals
  • Clogged toilets and sinks due to misuse – tampons, pads and nappies
  • Excessive filth over, in or on the stove and oven

The following is regarded as normal usage and a landlord cannot deduct cleaning cost from the deposit for it:

  • Dirty curtains and blinds
  • A few small stains on the carpet
  • Furniture marks on the carpet
  • A small amount of mildew forming in grout lines in the shower tiles
  • Dirty grout
  • Tarnish on bathroom fixtures
  • Dusting

Pristine Clean helps tenants pass the end of the tenancy checklist with flying colours. We also help landlords, letting and estate agents create a good first impression for property listings. If you own, rent or manage a property that is or will become vacant soon, call us for an end of tenancy deep cleaning service.