If you see a white to a grey powdery substance on the wall surfaces and the grout between tiles in the bathroom of your house, you may have a mildew infestation. Another trait of mildew is its unpleasant musty smell; some people claim it smells like wet socks. 

Mildew is a fungus that grows on damp surfaces. It releases spores that can trigger allergic reactions and cause coughing, headaches, sore throat and breathing problems. Mildew is not difficult to get rid of, but if left untreated over time, it degrades the surface enough for mould to get a foothold. Compared to mildew that only grows on surfaces, mould penetrates layers of material like paint and cement and grows roots into mixture rich crevices. If the mould is left untreated for too long, the only way to get rid of it is to remove the sections of infected material. 

When we are called on to deal with a mildew or mould problem at a client’s house or commercial premises, we use a commercial-grade steam cleaner to dislodge and kill the fungus. Steam actually penetrates the pores of surfaces, leaving little room for the fungus’ remnants to hide out of sight. 

If you suspect that your bathroom tiles and walls, kitchen cabinets or other surfaces are under attack from fungi, don’t delay and call us immediately.